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Woman crouching in subway tunnel in front of colourful graffiti. The word sprayed behind her says 'fuse' and it is surrounded with other colours and graffiti tags. The woman has her legs open to expose her knickers and her top is pulled down to show her breasts.Sinful Press has teamed up with Eroticon, the prestigious UK erotica conference, to host a short story competition based on this picture prompt by Molly’s Daily Kiss. The competition has now closed and here are the entries:

The Sub-Way by Jay Willowbay

The Walk Home by A Couple of Kinks

Just Hold It In by Hannah Lockhardt

Jake and Becky:  A High School Reunion by Charlotte (My Tickle Trunk)

The Girl Under The Bridge by Liza Daen

The Steamy Train Ride by Aurora Glory

Through the Curtains by Subsmissives

I Am My Own Desire by Ella Scandal

Entries received via email:

Fusion by Theresa Derwin

Suffused with Heat by Vida Bailey

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