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13814591_864995190298528_120748389_n“Merely Players” is a series of erotic romance novellas in which the relationships between my three main characters develop as they work on TV shows. Becky writes the light-hearted adventure stories for a family audience, in which Hayley’s character needs to be rescued, and Paul’s character is the guy to do it. The second (The King’s Captain) is being published in August 2016.

Yes, romantic erotica with three characters. They meet in Knights Errant, and things develop in The King’s Captain (no prizes for guessing how). But Paul’s a gentleman and sometimes lacks confidence, so he isn’t always sure who’s in charge. The stories are told from his point of view.

I’ve already completed the first draft of the third one, and have ideas for three more. Oh, and a spin-off novel, an erotic romance-cum-thriller with supernatural elements.


Author biography

I’m a professional scientist with a career spent primarily in health care. I live in the south-west of England with my wife, two horses, two dogs, and three guinea pigs. My wife would love to keep chickens, too.

My education was oriented towards science, with little exposure to “the arts”. I’ve read fiction for relaxation throughout my life: thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, horror, a few classics, and even some romances. But I’ll admit not much of it was “literature”.

I’ve written dissertations, scientific papers and technical reports, as part of my “day job”. Wanting to learn and share my enthusiasm led to me writing general interest features, as well as giving some public talks. These allow my butterfly mind and insatiable curiosity to go off and play nicely together.

Then my curiosity turned towards fiction. My first efforts were pretty dreadful, but encouraging feedback from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association has been a huge help. I felt very flattered when I was invited to serve as one of their website gallery editors.

I now think of writing as one of my creative hobbies. I’d love more people to read my work and I hope they enjoy it.

And, yes, I’d rather like to keep chickens, too. Just a bit tricky in a small urban garden with two hyperactive terriers…


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Three short extracts from Knights Errant:

“Right, you’re in trouble now.” She arched an eyebrow. “On the bed please. And no fidgeting.”

Intrigued, I lay on the bed. She produced a box of fancy chocolates and opened it, then selected two and put them on my nipples. Then she straddled me, bent down and slowly ate each one, licking and teasing my nipples with her lips as she did. As she moved, her pussy stroked my cock, which started paying attention again.

She placed four more chocolates on my body and slowly ate each one. The fourth was placed on the tip of my cock and it had melted a little before she got around to dealing with it. All I knew was that she had a fantastically exciting way of using her tongue.

I slid my arm under Hayley’s shoulders and leaned down to kiss her. She was eager to respond and guided my hand down her body. “Please don’t take the piss too much. I’m almost ready to explode.”

I climbed carefully over her; she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs over mine. Then she really, really tested my self-control when she lifted her hips and gently ground her pussy lips against my erection.

“Who’s teasing who?” I murmured.

She just grinned and kissed me hungrily. “Well, better distract me, hadn’t you?”

I lay on the bed, on top of Becky but keeping my weight off her. I leaned to kiss her hungrily and she responded eagerly. Her arms were suddenly around me and she writhed a little under me, as if trying to encourage my cock into her. I pushed my hips slightly back and forth a few times, just pressing my erection against her more firmly.

She held my face in both her hands. “Are you going to screw me?”

“Not today,” I said softly. “If you come back, well…”

“I’ll be back,” she said, so softly I only just heard her. “I want you so much.”

Our eyes locked and we both knew we wanted the same thing, our bodies locked together as we made love over and over again.


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