Out Now! Return to The House of Fox by SJ Smith

Return to the House of Fox by SJ Smith is out now on Amazon, and it will be available from next week across all main ebook retailers.


The new management has embarked on a program of modernisation, intending to reopen the doors of the greatest brothel in the known universe for business. But while the plans are not welcomed by all, forces of both good and evil have recognised an opportunity to finally worm their way inside the infamous House of Fox.

For Doctor Katrina Moore, a chance meeting with a mysterious patient will set her on a journey of self-discovery. Meanwhile, Kitty de Catt just wants her old job back, and is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure she gets her way.

Once again, every fantasy will come true, in this gripping sequel to The House of Fox that literally no one has been waiting for: Return to the House of Fox: The ***** of the Golden ***** (subtitle redacted for legal reasons).

Prologue to Return to The House of Fox.

Revolution was sweeping through the House of Fox. The proletariat had finally woken from their long slumber to throw off the shackles of oppression. The former regime lay in scattered disarray.

With the baying hordes hot on their heels, two women ran for their lives, bursting from the elevator into the opulent foyer of Level One and fleeing down the corridor like a couple of whippets.

Out in front, Kitty de Catt; a blonde bombshell with an hour glass figure and an ass rumoured to be the finest in the universe. Mad, bad and dangerous to know, Miss de Catt was largely to blame for many of the century’s worth of brutalities the mob was currently revolting against.

And bringing up the rear, Jane Davies; slender and pale skinned, with flowing red locks, she alone remained loyal to Kitty, a mixture of professionalism and deep-seated love ensuring she would never turn her back on the boss.

“Where are you going?” Jane sprinted flat out in Kitty’s wake, the plush, scarlet carpet stifling the sound of her six-inch heels. “This is a dead end.”

“No time to explain, Sugar Pie,” Kitty replied in her Kansas

drawl. “You will just have to place your trust in little old me.”
It went without saying that Jane trusted Kitty; trusted her implicitly and would follow her all the way to Hell if need be. But fleeing ever further from the House’s front doors, straight

down a blind cul-de-sac, did not seem ever so sensible.
Located in a breach of reality, the House of Fox stood as a monument to the obscene. Hidden outside of time and space, the House had existed for centuries, offering the ultimate in pleasure to perverted pilgrims. Those brave enough to step inside were rewarded with indulgence beyond their wildest

Getting in was one thing. Getting out entirely another.

Floating in a bubble between Heaven and Hell, escape from the House of Fox had over the years become virtually impossible, and ironically it was Kitty de Catt who was responsible for making it that way. Jane only hoped the former Head of Level Six had something up her sleeve, or else the pair of them were done for.

Kitty hung a left, galloped up a staircase, then dived through a doorway into a room marked Level One Costume Department. Jane followed into a long narrow space where, hanging from a dozen rails, every conceivable naughty outfit imaginable was on display; leather, latex, plastic, lace, nurse uniforms, schoolgirl dresses, stockings for French maids, garter belts for blushing brides. Kitty threw off her top, stepped out of her miniskirt and inched her way along a row of clothing, sliding hangers out the way as she frantically searched for some garment or other.

All Jane could do was stare. Kitty’s body was perfection personified, a magnet to the eye. Perfectly round hips and boobs, pink nipples permanently pointed at the ceiling, flawless buttery skin and a tiny slice of velvety pubic hair. Jane promised

herself right there and then, if they got out of this mess alive, she would kiss every inch of that magnificence, and dip her tongue into a pussy that tasted of peaches and cream.

“Don’t just stand there day dreaming,” Kitty hollered. “Get naked.”

Jane immediately obeyed, stripping off the military garb that had once inspired fear among the populace, but now marked her out as an enemy of the state. Never one to willingly make a mess, she fastidiously placed the red tunic and peaked cap onto a hanger, found a space on a rail and put them away properly.

“Here, Nelly Neat, put this on.” Kitty tossed over an outfit; a tiny, glittering, transparent dress, a pair of silver wings and a tinsel halo mounted on a wire that stuck up from a hair clip.

“A sexy angel costume?” Jane stared, perplexed. “Why on earth would we…”

“Because where we’re going we’ll be in need of a disguise. Now quick, get dressed. We ain’t got a minute to lose.”

Jane pulled on the flimsy dress and fixed the halo to the back of her head. She checked herself in the mirror, and saw a deliciously naughty, if somewhat confused, angel. What was the point in looking this good under such diabolical circumstances? Not that she’d dare voice such a question, of course. Kitty de Catt was not someone with whom you picked an argument, not if you knew what was good for you.

Wearing a matching sexy angel outfit, Kitty led the way, back out along the corridor, then off down a side passage to the right, which ultimately delivered the women to a dusty, dimly lit office with a giant mahogany desk at one end and a green leather sofa at the other. Up on the back wall hung a huge framed oil painting of Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake, doing something which would suggest she was not in fact the virgin everyone claimed. Kitty ran to the picture and shoved it

off its hook, sending it clattering to the ground. In the space behind was a two-foot square metal trap door. “You really think I’d get us cornered without a way out?” She grinned that heady, mischievous grin that always sent Jane weak at the knees, blew a kiss, then grabbed hold of the handle and yanked the door open. A blast of cold air rushed out from a dark passageway, carved through greyish blue rock.

Kitty swung a leg and climbed up and over the lip. Jane followed. The passage wasn’t tall enough to stand upright, so the women crawled on all fours. The temperature fell sharply, and with a tremendous boom the door swung shut behind them, plunging everything into sheer darkness.

They moved through the black, cold silence for what felt like hours, before up ahead in the distance a tiny twinkle of light appeared and steadily grew. Jane could now make out details; outbreaks of phosphorescent lichen growing on the stone, tiny stalactites dangling from the roof, and of course, the curving beauty of Kitty’s pussy, a fraction out of range of her wanton tongue.

The iridescence soon became dazzling sunlight. Although Jane could scarcely believe it, they were almost out; almost free of the House of Fox. The sadness at leaving behind the place that had saved her life and become her spiritual home was matched by a great joy that they had survived at all. She began to wonder exactly where the passageway would take them, what part of the world it would open onto. As they came ever closer to the tunnel’s mouth, she had cause to doubt it was any part of the world at all.

“Where are we?” she gasped, gazing out over a sea of rose- gold clouds.

“Heaven,” Kitty replied in a soft voice.
A shudder went down Jane’s spine. “But, I don’t believe in

“Honey Blossom, you’ve seen Hell’s flames with your own

eyes. Whatever made you doubt there was a Heaven?”
“I don’t know, I…” she fell silent as serene tranquillity

overtook her fretting mind.
“Heaven’s every bit as real as you or I, or the Duke of

Wellington’s cock.” Kitty patted Jane’s hand. “But we’ll have to watch our step. This place ain’t exactly going to welcome a couple of super-slutty Fox Girls like us with open arms. Best you let me do all the talking.”

They hopped down from the tunnel mouth onto a wispy

pink cloud base, which rose as high as their knees, and set off toward the eternal sunset. Jane looked this way and that, trying to take in every aspect of the sublime vista at once. “It’s so beautiful,” she whispered.

“It’s all done with smoke and mirrors, is what I’ve heard.” Kitty shrugged.

“Do you think we’ll see people we know here?” Jane turned to Kitty as a rush of excitement almost knocked her from her feet. “Do you think I could find my Grandmother?”

Kitty winced. “I hate to be the one to shatter your illusions, Sweetie Pie, but unless your dear old granny had a couple of million bucks in the bank, then I doubt very much she made it to these shores.”

“What?” Jane shook her head, outraged. “What do you mean by that? My Grandmother was a kind and wonderful woman.”

“I’m sure she was. But see, ever since the dawn of time, heaven has only ever opened its gates to those who could afford the rent. You want to spend eternity sitting on the Big G’s right hand, then you’d better have the collateral to pay for it. This is a slice of prime real estate, and the entry policy is strict.”

“Are you telling me,” Jane could scarcely believe her ears, “that you have to pay to get into heaven?”

“Course you do, Sugar Bean. Nothing in the afterlife is free. The Big G may be all seeing and all knowing, but he’s a businessman first and foremost. He deals with the exclusive end of the market and leaves the scroungers, bums and serfs to the devil. That’s the way it’s always been.”

Jane rocked back on her heels, determined to think of some argument to dispute Kitty’s rather horrible words. “But,” she eventually said. “But, what about the meek inheriting the earth? What about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter Heaven?”

“Sorry, Sugar, but that’s all PR bullshit.”

Jane stuck out her bottom lip, and they trudged on in silence, their naughty outfits riding high up their well-toned thighs. As they passed through a shaft of golden sunlight, there was a tremendous flapping of wings, and a real-life angel floated down out of the air to block their path. Eight feet tall and built like a superhero, his fiery eyes froze them in their tracks. “Where the fuck do you pair think you’re going?” he demanded, his booming voice legion, like a hundred piece orchestra.

“Nowhere special.” Kitty smiled sweetly. “We’re just a couple of ordinary seraphim, out for an evening stroll.”

“Seraphim my ass. You look like hookers at a bachelorette party.” He reached inside his holy robes and pulled out a gold walkie talkie. “I’m calling security. You bitches should be in hell, and that’s exactly where you’re going.”

“Hang on a minute, Cutie Pie.” Kitty shrugged a strap free from her shoulder, so the front of her dress slipped down and her left tit tumbled free. “Don’t be in such a hurry. Chances are we could help each other out. Maybe if you were to think about letting us go, Janie here might just suck that big old cock of

“Did you never go to Sunday school?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I thought everybody knew; us angels don’t have no cocks.” He opened the front of his robe, exposing a patch of plain, featureless skin at his groin.

“No cock? No problem.” Kitty slipped off the other strap, and her dress fell to the ground. “There ain’t nobody in this realm or the next that a couple of Fox Girls like us don’t know how to pleasure.”

“You’re Fox Girls?” He stared at them with renewed interest. “You’re shitting me.”

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” Kitty licked a fingertip and teased a nipple.

The angel’s massive brow folded down on itself and, quickly checking over either shoulder to make sure no one was watching, he put the walkie-talkie back inside his pocket.

“That’s it, Sugar. You tell old Kitty about every dream you ever dreamed. We can make every fantasy come true.”

“I’m not sure you’d approve,” he muttered with a coy grin.

“Why don’t you try me?” Kitty put a hand on his six pack, then slipped it between his legs. “There’s nothing you can say that could possibly shock us. We’re in the pleasure business. We’ve heard it all before, a million times over.”

He stared at her body, lust plainly written across his face. “I have this fantasy that…oh hell, I’m too embarrassed.”

“No need to be shy.” Kitty raised a knee, rubbing her inner thigh against his, and planted a kiss on his chest.

“It’s like this.” He took a deep breath. “I’m an angel; a superior being. It’s my job to be all powerful and in control and shit. But sometimes I think I’d like to know what it’s like to be small. To be dominated. Humiliated, even.”

“Well shit, Honey Pie, you only had to say. Let’s all go

somewhere private, and we’ll make you our bitch.”
“Okay, it’s a deal.” He led them off to a secluded spot around the back of a cloud, folded up his wings and lay down flat on his back. Jane squatted on his face, squashing her pussy lips against his mouth, while Kitty stepped between his splayed legs and delivered a hard kick, burying the toe of her silver

stiletto into the empty space where his plums should have been. “You know,” Jane opined, scrubbing her bumhole against the tip of his nose, as if chalking a pool cue, “if you’d have told me this morning we’d be doing this in the afternoon, I never

would have believed you.”
“A Fox Girl has to be prepared for any eventuality.” Kitty

hoofed the angel in the groin a second time. His mixed-up cries of pleasure and pain were muffled by Jane’s most intimate flaps. ***

Granted the freedom of heaven, Kitty and Jane moved quickly across the ethereal plane toward their end game. Skirting around the side of a golden heap of tumulus, they happened upon a garden, where an old man with long white hair was tending to a rose bush. Kitty grabbed Jane by the arm and dragged her down out of sight. “That’s him,” she whispered. “That’s God.”

“You’re kidding.” Jane shielded her eyes and squinted into the sunset, watching the fellow delicately prune the spent blooms and toss the dead flower heads into a bucket. “I always thought he’d be taller.”

“Appearances can be deceptive. Now listen.” Kitty grabbed Jane’s face and swivelled it so their eyes were locked. “We have one chance at this, so we have to get it right. Do exactly what I say, when I say it. Understand?”

“That’s a big ten-four.” Jane offered a comedic salute, which did nothing to reduce the intensity burning in Kitty’s eyes.

“Okay. When I say now, I want you to stand up and insult God.”

Jane winced. “When you say insult him…”

“Just toss out some anti-biblical rhetoric. Doesn’t matter what it is. Our whole plan to get out of here rests on pissing God off, so make it good.”

“Um, okay.”
“Got it?”
“Got it.”
Kitty squeezed Jane’s boob. “Okay. Now!”
Jane got to her feet, not entirely sure what she was supposed

to be doing. Hesitantly, she cupped her hands to her mouth and called out, “Um, excuse me, Mr God. I’m not sure I approve of your policy on contraception.” As soon as the words were out her mouth she ducked back down and stuck her fingers in her ears.

God’s back shook, and a chuckle loud enough to flatten a city rang out across heaven. Ho ho ho.

Kitty gestured for Jane to up the stakes. She stood up a second time. “Hey, God. I think your treatment of homosexuals is nothing short of scandalous.”

God laughed again, the noise so deep and resonant it set Jane’s lungs vibrating.

“For fuck’s sake. If you want a job done properly.” Kitty leapt to her feet. “Hey! God! I hear your son Jesus is a fag. I hear he took it in the keyster off Joseph of Arimathea, and he swallowed his load and said yum-yum.”

In the blink of an eye, God grew a thousand feet tall, suddenly as colossal and brooding as a mountain range.

Kitty grabbed Jane’s hand as a hurricane force wind hit them in the face. “When I say jump, you jump.”

A huge voice bellowed “Get the fuck out of here, you skanky

assed bitches.” A deafening rumble of thunder boomed, and a jagged bolt of lightning burst from the sky, heading straight toward them.

“Jump!” Kitty screamed.

Jane jumped. As the lightening passed below them, they jammed the heels of their stilettoes down into the head of the thunderbolt, and rode it like surfers, all the way through the clouds, out of Heaven, and away toward the shimmering blue planet Earth.

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