Out Now – Secrets and Spies, Undercover Lovers: Book One by Ellie Barker (@sinfulpress @EllieBa3)

Released on May 18th 2018 from Sinful Press, Secrets and Spies is the new LGBT erotic crime novella by Ellie Barker, and is the first novella in the Undercover Lovers trilogy.

Starting life as Miss Blue Hair, a short piece from Sinful Press’s Sinful Pleasures anthology, Secrets and Spies follows the story of Nikolas, a bisexual police mole, and Sky, a transgender thief, as they work to infiltrate the local crime syndicate. Ellie Barker has created a fast paced and highly entertaining trilogy, with a diverse range of characters, various sexual encounters, and unconventional romance. In Bed with the Enemy and For Queen and Country, the remaining books in the trilogy, are due for release on June 15th and July 13th respectively.

Secrets and Spies is Amazon exclusive for a limited time before being released across all main platforms. It is available to read through Kindle Unlimited.


When Nikolas Jinsen, police mole, meets an unusual woman named Sky, he thinks he’s just in for a night of pleasure. But he’s soon pulled into a world of mafia dealings, stolen documents, hacked computers and kidnappings – not to mention a woman with a taste for exhibition, a Queen who demands payment in pleasure, and Sky herself; unusual, intoxicating, and wanting more than Nikolas may be willing to give.

Secrets and Spies is transgender erotica crime novella that’s bursting with fun.

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The first thing that attracted me to her was the bright blue, almost luminous hair. It’s not often that you see a young woman with that particular shade of dye, and when you add chocolate skin it makes a rather arresting combination.

She was with another woman; tall with a long blonde plait, pale skin and dark eyes. She was pretty, sure, but fairly generic. I’d just come back from a stint in a place where beauty was in the unusual, and found that I’d gotten bored with standard looks. It takes something different to catch my eye, which Miss Blue-Hair provided. The hair drew my attention…and the rest of her kept it. Shorter than me—but then at over six foot, most people are. A slim body, from what I could see beneath her leather jacket. A tight ass beneath jeans that had holes in both knees. An effortless walk and a quick glance from dark eyes that seemed to take in every shadow and detail in seconds.

We were in a bar, and I admit I assumed she was there to do what everyone else was there to do—drink, flirt and forget about work. But as her friend found a willing target and homed in with a well-practiced flick of her hair, Miss Blue-Hair just found a table and pulled out her phone. Interesting.

Well, I can’t say I’m averse to a challenge. I strolled over to Miss Blue-Hair, and her eyes flicked up to me as soon as I got within range. Maybe she was on the pull after all. I met her eyes and smiled, gesturing to the seat opposite her. “May I?”

She gave me an assessing look, and I wondered what she thought of me. Six-foot-something with dark hair tied into a ponytail, bright blue eyes and a lean face, mostly consisting of planes and angles. As her eyes scanned down my body and back up, I resisted the urge to smirk. Nice muscles covered by jeans and a black t-shirt that had short enough arms to show off those muscles; I say it myself, but I look good. Obviously, she approved, because she nodded towards the empty space. “Of course.”

I slid into the seat and grinned. “I would ask what a nice girl like you is doing in a place like this, but…”

“I’m not a nice girl.” I saw the glint in her eyes, and then a real smile curved her mouth as she saw that I got the joke. She had a faint accent, and to my ear it was hella sexy. “What’s your name?”

“Nikolas. Yours?” I prompted when all I got was a faint frown.


That took a moment to sink in. “Fucking hell, the Sky?”

She rolled her eyes and leaned back. “Which stories have you heard?”

“The thief.”

“You’ve still got all of your valuables, right?”

“So far.”

“You’ve been here for a few seconds. You’re safe.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” I smirked at her.

Author Bio


Ellie mostly writes short’n’dirty flash fiction and short erotic fiction in any genre going. She prefers vampires over werewolves, and is always hot for a rainy night.

You can find out more about Ellie over at http://elliebarker.co.uk/, or follow her on Twitter as @EllieBa3

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