Sinful Press 2017 round-up

I can’t believe it’s 2018 already! The past year has flown by.

2017 saw the demise of a few erotica publishers, online retailers tightening up their rules on the genre, and an overall slump in fiction sales across the board.

But I am glad to announce that Sinful Press has weathered the storm and is looking forward to a happy and healthy future.

Our main aim as a publishing company has been to take things slowly to ensure that we can fulfil all our financial commitments without over-stretching, while giving our full attention to the authors we publish. We are selective, and our catalogue is smaller than most other publishers, but that, I like to think, sets us apart. All the authors we work with, whether new names or established, are of the highest calibre in the genre. They are the authors who aren’t afraid to break with rules of the genre, who offer new voices, who dare to be controversial in a publishing world that demand conformity, while still bringing a highly skilled approach to their writing. So, on this note, here is our publishing rundown for 2017:

 We started the year off with In Bonds of the Earth by Janine Ashbless. This was the book that was the most difficult to contract because it was the second in the ‘Book of the Watchers’ trilogy, with the first, Cover Him With Darkness, being owned by Cleis Press. From a business point of view it made no sense to take on part of a trilogy we would have no control over, but after being completely blown away by the first book, all I knew was that the rest of the trilogy had to be published. We ended the year with the final book, The Prison of the Angels, the most explosive end to a trilogy I’ve read to date!

July saw the release of The Libertine Diaries by Isabella Delmonico, a wonderfully realistic take on the London swinging scene. I was drawn to this book because the author didn’t shy away from the seedier side of swinging to give a fully rounded and honest depiction. Some scenes were difficult to read at first as they were as far from what I would consider erotic as possible, but the author does a great job of conveying exactly why the protagonist needs these encounters, what she learns about herself from them, and how they propel her into a place she is truly happy in.

Then August rolled around with our Sinful Pleasures anthology hitting the shelves. Submissions came in by the hundreds and all were unique and entertaining. The stories that finally made the cut were varied, and the authors ranged from highly experienced to completely new names, but each and every one showcased the standard of stories Sinful Press is looking for, with one in particular making a reappearance in 2018 (more details shortly).

And finally, November and December saw a return to the work of Janine Ashbless with the start of the Sinful Press second editions line.

Fierce Enchantments is a wonderful and varied short story collection that oozes with myth, magic and desire. The stories cover everything from traditional folk tales and ancient mythology to modern horror and scifi, so there something for everyone in this collection.

Named and Shamed is a fairy tale of the most adult kind! This is Janine Ashbless at her best, taking old and well-worn tales and turning them into something completely new, refreshing, and dirty beyond belief.

And that is 2017. What will 2018 bring? Keep your eyes open of the next couple of days to find out 🙂

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