Sinful Press welcomes Isabella Delmonico (@isabelladelmoni)

Lisa-Jenkins,-Sinful-Press,-The-Libertine-Diaries---DRAFT2In November last year we signed a contract with a new author who specialises in swinging. I’ve read many swinging-based stories and what really stands out with this author is that she is not afraid to tackle lifestyle choices that others may find uncomfortable. So please join us in welcoming Isabella Delmonico to the Sinful Press team 🙂

The Libertine Diaries is due for release in June 2017, and arc copies will be available for bloggers and reviewers in the next couple of weeks. If you’d like a review copy, please email us at


The Libertine Diaries blurb:

Bella, a freelance journalist from London, writes for women’s magazines on a range of issues, from relationships and motherhood to body image and sexuality. While researching an article on swinging, she realizes that her intense interest in the subject may be more than simply professional. Over the following months, Bella finds herself drawn into a world where the power of fantasy and the strength of the erotic mind are all-consuming, where risk and arousal are close companions, and where fear is a dangerous aphrodisiac.

Through the eyes of Bella, The Libertine Diaries explores the themes of dominance and submission, control, sexual identity, and the sometimes difficult separation of sex and love, as she is transformed by her sexual awakening.


Author bio:

Isabella Delmonico always dreamed of being an erotic novelist, after spending years writing books on rather dry and dusty academic topics. When she turned forty, she decided to take off her glasses, let down her hair and allow her imagination and fantasies to run riot. Even she was surprised at where they took her! As she uses her writing to explore the worlds of swinging, sex parties and BDSM, she loves gently pushing her readers’ sexual boundaries, along with her own. Isabella lives in London and, when she is not writing or researching her novels, likes nothing more than to be curled up on her sofa with her boyfriend and a large glass of Bordeaux . Isabella uses a pseudonym for her writing, so as not to shock her friends and family too much!

You can find Isabella at:



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