** Please note: We are now closed to submissions until January 2021**

What we are looking for:

Novels of 60k and more.

Short novels, novellas and novelettes of 10-60k (digital only).

Note: We would love to see more diversity in our submissions. Think older characters, LGBTQ, ethnic minorities, or disabled characters. We are looking for genuine, sex-positive stories, and definitely no fetishising of any of the above.

Sinful Press is aimed at a female audience and we are interested in well-written erotica with strong characters and a captivating story line in all sub-genres. Sex scenes must be believable and explicit.
We will look at both first and third person narratives, but we need to feel like we are experiencing the story through the characters eyes and not simply being told what is happening (show, don’t tell).
While we don’t expect you to have professionally edited your novel, we do expect to see a final draft not a first draft.

We will, on occasion, consider reprints, especially if the previous publisher has closed their doors, but we do not accept works that have already been self-published.

What we are NOT looking for:

Underage sex.
Rape, unless it’s an important part of the storyline and only described briefly.
Child abuse.

Why submit to Sinful Press:
We are offering 40% net royalties on digital and print, and 20% on audio. Professional editing, proofreading and cover art are all included. Considerable time and effort will be put into marketing your novel, although we do expect our authors to be active on social media and to interact with their readership.
In return we ask for publishing rights for digital, print and audio in English language only. Digital copies are guaranteed, print is guaranteed for novel length books, audio will depend on the success of the book. If we do not feel that an audio copy is possible, those rights will be referred back to you within one year.

Copyright stays with the author.

How to submit:

Please send approximately 5-10k of your novel or novella in a separate .doc or .docx file, 12pt Times New Roman (or similar common font), as an attachment, along with a complete synopsis to In your covering email, tell us why this book deserves our attention; what will make it stand out from the crowd. Also include a short bio and any publishing credits.
DO NOT send us the full manuscript. If we love the synopsis and the first three chapters, and think we can work with you, we will ask to see the rest. DO NOT include fancy header fonts, photographs, coloured text. And DO NOT send us links to google documents etc… Make sure all your files are sent as attachments so we can open them.

Keep it simple and follow the guidelines or we will assume that you do not take instruction well and will not consider working with you.
We aim to get back to you within three months of the submission period so please wait until this time has passed before contacting us.

*** Please note. We regret that we are no longer able to provide reasons for rejections. While these can be very helpful to authors, a few have reacted negatively. Abuse is never acceptable, and we are sorry that this has to affect everyone.