Cover reveal – A variety of Cha...

Cover reveal – A variety of Chains

The latest Sinful Press publication is due for release on the 20th of August. A Variety of Chains by Christine Blackthorn is a paranormal erotic romance and it is the first in the Bloodhavens series. If you enjoy this sneak peek, pre-order links are included below 🙂 Blurb Kathryn McCulsky is an ErGer – a […]

Guest Post – Christine Blacktho...

Guest Post – Christine Blackthorn

I am submissive – or am I? Christine Blackthorn   The recent enthusiasm for BDSM romance novels has left me going from happy to worried and back again. I am happy about it not only because I write them, but also because I think any development which allows people to experiment with what makes them […]

Guest Post – Samantha A Cole

Guest Post – Samantha A Cole

Sub Before Dom By Samantha Cole   Excerpt from Topping the Alpha— “…It’s where I met Max…Max Sterling. He started volunteering there just after New Year’s my senior year and became my first real boyfriend—you know, not just a one-night-stand or a friend-with-benefits. He also became my first Dom.” Nick’s head whipped up and he […]